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Monday, December 20, 2010

Visit Montana when Rights, Rule of Law matter

RecnMontana is a blog for those of you who cannot wait to spend your hard earned vacation time and dollars in the State of Montana.  We are asking you not to do so, voluntarily because we have no rights in our courts, with our prosecutors, and with our local governments.

If you must spend your money here, because there is a non-refundable deposit or something, we understand.

Maybe if you know that our Highway Patrol Troopers who might pull you over did not get a score on their national police tests, they were "pre-selected" to pull you over, run your plates, and issue you a ticket for revenue to our state, it might change your mind.

You are entering a third world country where only the small minority of judicial system officers are benefiting from your money.  We asked our congressmen, we asked our governor who bragged in 2008 that we are superior to all other states, and mocked the US Government.  Our state would literally burn up without federal grants for fire suppression.  Governor Schweitzer mocks them anyway (like REAL ID).

is now Hillary Clinton's bitch             

U of MT photo
Our letter to the President Obama, found on our We the People MT website,  Since a 41 year old Montanan named Jim Messina was in the West Wing, he easily intercepted the letter asking for Civil Rights help from the First Black President, Barack Obama.

So after you take a look at the destruction of lives in Montana, please heed our voluntary request.  The recreation is great in Moab UT, at Lake Tahoe, and in the Cascades.  Criminals just get protected and recycled in Montana, there is no hope for a clean slate.  Dean Edwin Eck who allowed Angela Wetsteon to proseucute solo as a law student, is now our Chief of Consumer Protection! WTF! for law student information.

Montana lusts after its travel industry.  Our Governor was just whoring for funds from Travelocity, claiming bed taxes were not coming into his coffers.  Never mind the coffins from those of us here that give up.  Suicide rates in Ravalli County, Montana (south of Missoula) are TWICE the national average.

Montana Travel Advisory:

Have fun rec'n Montana, we will have fun telling you all about it.