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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Montana desperate to keep tourism

Montana sues, threatens travel sites for bed taxes.....
Governor Schweitzer of Montana
Montana relies on it's tourism to function: it is our 2nd "employer" allowing our 48th ranked state for justice in the lower 48.  We count on your family dropping some coin on the way to Yellowstone and Glacier in the hopes of seeing Yogi the Bear, or landing a trout.  With most travel bookings going through online travel sites, our Governor points his finger at these sites saying: "That's our money!"

The hubris was flying in Denver 2008 DNC stumping for OBAMA over our surplus, ragging on other states who were in the budgetary red zone.  Now Montana is butt deep, freezing pay, cutting programs.

This site is dedicated to asking the public to VOLUNTARILY give up your tourist, or recreation trip to Montana. This is a civil rights issue: we have no law, but arbitrary "old boy" threats, and abuse

Americans are judged, not on equal protection in Montana--it does not exist.

There are horror stories from our courts, there are written accounts to be found. Now we have produced a documentary "Beneath the Beauty" ( which will show you in Western Montana what we are talking about. The Newspaper chain who monopolizes the state, Lee Enterprises only keeps us without justice.

Rec'n Montana ask that your dollars are spent elsewhere, to crush the corruption in Montana.

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