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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tricky RecnMontana

The elevation is sometimes the tricky part about making a trip to the back areas of Montana.  Lots of the trail heads are hard to find.  Not to mention the remote backcountry where the human physique is tested to its ultimate limit of weather, environment, and of course the reward of no humans.
What are you hearty people going to do when protections from the United States as we know them are not available to you?  No amount of conditioning can prepare you for the hate crimes that come from abusive governments on isolated duty.  The people of Montana become inflicted with Stockholm Syndrome, being beneficial to their captors: who abuse them, ruin their lives for self preservation and ego.

While Montana may have some of the best recreation, it has the worst treatment of its people, with the worst justice system: if you are a daughter of a cop, you may just get away with murder if you live in Poplar, MT.

It it just an added price for priceless recreation, or are you thinking Lake Tahoe looks pretty good right now?  Beware of the abusive environment, and the life ending tactics which predominate the White hate in the the state of Montana.

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